4 Types of Environmental Protection Straws Measured

In order for everyone to have a more environmentally friendly and convenient choice, here are the four types of environmentally friendly straws currently recommended on the market. Now let us measure and select the environmentally friendly straw that suits us to change the environment!

Stainless steel straw + glass straw

Stainless steel straws are durable and resistant to deformation and damage, but for those who love to bite the straws, they will be a little uncomfortable at the beginning. The interior can\’t be seen during cleaning, which makes people worry about cleanliness, so they usually use another brush for cleaning. Although it is strong and durable, the main ingredient is iron, so if you drink acidic beverages such as lemon juice and ebony juice, it is recommended to replace it regularly.

The glass straw has a transparent and textured appearance, and the color and ingredients of the drink can be clearly seen when drinking a drink, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly. For cleaning, the inner wall is easier to clean, and the hardness of glass is harder than stainless steel! Do not worry about scratches caused by acidic beverages and cleaning. But the only drawback is that it is worrying about breaking.

There are also \”two-pronged\” products on the market! The glass craft pipes from Hsinchu are imported from the American Ecojarz stainless steel pipettes, specially combined with top heat-resistant Pyrex glass to make glass pipettes. The \”combination of the two\” is developed into a \”stainless steel glass pipette\”. The dual-purpose environmental protection straw can also be disassembled.


Bamboo straw

Bamboo is the most common plant species in the mountains of Taiwan and the fastest growing plant in the world! It has a wide range of uses, from furniture to daily necessities such as glasses, etc., and now it has become a big helper for drinking beverages.

100% naturally decomposed. Don\’t worry too much about saving! The boss specially uses high-temperature steam carbonization treatment to lock the pore fibers of the bamboo. After drinking, remember to use a brush to wash off the sugar on the inner wall. Remember! You don\’t need to stand up and let it stand still when placing it. You just need to \”lay it flat\” and dry it in a cool place. It is less prone to mildew during use.


Sugarcane straw

The straw that has become popular recently is the \”sugar cane straw\”! It is developed and manufactured by the \”100% planting\” team in Zhongchuang Park, Zhongxing New Village, Nantou. The straw made from sugarcane fiber contains natural bagasse and polylactic acid. PLA is made of tapioca starch, which is also derived from nature. Reused energy, and PLA will be decomposed and converted into water and carbon dioxide under the right environment.

After the sugarcane straw is opened, there will still be a faint sweet fragrance. The storage period before use is about 6-8 months. After drinking, it is a disposable environmentally friendly straw. It can be used multiple times in the same day, but it is not recommended to use it the next day.


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