A straw made of spit out bagasse, please understand?

Various alternative products have appeared one after another. McDonald\’s in the United Kingdom, Belgium and other countries are preparing to replace paper straws, and metal and glass tubes have also begun to attract the attention of some businesses. Among them, the most eye-catching thing is the sugar cane straw.

The bagasse left over from refining cane sugar is made into straws instead of plastic to be more environmentally friendly. In fact, the bagasse straws are added with PLA (a material that can decompose plastic, bioplastics made from biomass (corn, etc.))


The sugarcane straw can withstand temperatures from minus 20 to minus 50 degrees, suitable for all kinds of cold drinks. The surface of the straw made is a bit grainy. It can also be made completely without graininess. Meet various needs.

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