Invited to Participate in the Hainan (ASEAN) Hotel and Catering Supplies Exhibition

How are you all these days? Affected by the virus, many exhibitions were forced to cancel this year, and plans to exhibit abroad were cancelled.


In recent days, I was finally invited to participate in the exhibition in Hainan, allowing more people to experience our products on site. Although our products are just small straws, I have been working hard to develop and produce more environmentally friendly straws. From the first paper straws to later wheat straws, reed straws, as well as the newly developed bamboo fiber straws, bagasse straws, all of which I have accumulated step by step.


Having been making straws for so many years, I hope to provide you with a good service, but also to provide you with more high-quality products for you to choose from. To see that my products are loved by customers in the market is a kind of recognition and trust for me.


Finally, our time in Hainan is 2020.11.27-2020.11.29, and the booth number is CA07. Welcome everyone to come and communicate with us. Looking forward to your coming.

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