May 1st International Labor Day

We have known that labor is the most glorious since childhood. May 1st Labor Day is also called \”May 1st International Labor Day.\” We all know that May 1st Labor Day will be a holiday, but do you know the origin of May 1st Labor Day? What is the meaning of Labor Day?


May 1st International Labor Day, also known as International Labor Day and Labor Day, is the Labor Day of most countries in the world. The festival originated from the workers\’ strike in Chicago, the United States. To commemorate this great labor movement, in 1889 the founding meeting of the Second International announced that May 1 of each year would be the International Labor Day. The Government Affairs Council of the Central People\’s Government of China made a decision in December 1949 to designate May 1 as Labor Day.


China-The Government Affairs Council of the Central People\’s Government designated May 1 as the statutory Labor Day in December 1949, which is a national holiday. The May Day holiday is five days, but if you analyze it carefully, it seems that there is only one day. Why do you say that? Because two of the days are normal holidays, that is, weekends, and there are two more days that need to be made up, so there is only one day off in the true sense, but it is also very good to arrange for five days. If there is more time, you can do more Meaningful things, so everyone should arrange the May Day trip.


1. Revere labor and establish a correct view of labor

2. Cherish the fruits of your own and others\’ labor

3. Exercising labor ability

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