New Choice of Eco Straws-Bamboo Fiber Straws

bamboo fiber straws

New environmental protection policies are being implemented, and the use of plastics is getting smaller and smaller. Environmentally friendly tableware seems to have become a popular trend, and straws, as a product that consumes more in daily life, how should we choose? Hoemstraw provides solutions for everyone.

1. Paper straws

Paper straws are made of paper pulp and food-grade glue, which can produce a variety of patterns, colors and unique appearance. There are a wide range of usage scenarios, and various patterns, sizes and other design types can be customized. However, it is only used for beverages below 60°C, and it will become soft after prolonged soaking, spread out, and not bite.

2. Wheat straw

Wheat straws are made of , 100% natural wheat stems , which are secondary utilization of plants , and belong to the plant category. The caliber is 3-5mm, and the length can be up to 250mm. Applicable temperature is about 100℃, soaking in water will not disperse, enough toughness, will be accompanied by the aroma of malt when quoted, it is most suitable for drinking cocktails, beer and other alcoholic beverages.

3. Bamboo fiber straw

The bamboo fiber straw , is made of bamboo powder. It has high hardness , and is suitable for any scene.It is naturally degradable , and can be bent at will. The maximum can be used for beverages at 120°C. Various sizes can be customized , packaging methods are diverse, and customization is supported. Have all the advantages of plastic straws. However, bamboo fiber straws can be degraded and are more durable. It is the most cost-effective straw.

Which straw do you still want to know? Welcome to leave a message, Homestraw provides you with the most comprehensive environmental protection straw solution.

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