Wheat Reuse, The Factory Receives A Million Orders

Recently, as the ban on plastics has become more popular, all kinds of environmentally friendly tableware have followed. As a country with a large population and a fast-paced life, China consumes very highly disposable plastic products, and plastic pollution to the environment is also severe. China is also implementing late classification to deal with such […]

New Environmentally Friendly Straws You Don\’t Know-Bamboo Fiber Straws

Homestraw, as an expert in providing more choices of environmentally friendly straws, provides you with more diversified choices besides paper straws. Paper straws are the first choice when mentioning plastic straws, and there are many bad sounds, mainly because paper straws cannot be used for hot drinks, and they become soft and spread out.   […]

4 Types of Environmental Protection Straws Measured

In order for everyone to have a more environmentally friendly and convenient choice, here are the four types of environmentally friendly straws currently recommended on the market. Now let us measure and select the environmentally friendly straw that suits us to change the environment!

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